Surviving a Scorpio Moon

This new Scorpio Moon packs a punch!

As we’re busy getting ready for Thanksgiving and other celebrations of autumn, we may be feeling more pressure than usual. What is it that’s pushing our buttons?  Health?  Relationships?  Money?  Or just the usual challenges of the holiday season? Tension around holiday travel; family expectations; a sense of not enough time; obstinate kids; problems with co-workers, supervisors, employees; even our pets can add to the pressure cooker, and before we know it, we’re steaming!

It helps, especially under pressure, to remember to B-R-E-A-T-H-E.  Sometimes a deep, calming breath is all it takes.  And sometimes not!  So what else can we do?  A little time in Nature always makes a big difference for me.  A walk in the woods, a quick walk around the block (if there are no woods nearby), sometimes simply glancing out the window at the falling leaves and taking a moment to acknowledge the beauty of a changing season, can reconnect us with the peace of the natural world.  A regular healing practice like Yoga, Aikido, or Chi Kung allows us to find our center and in our center, to find calm.  Curling up with a good book is a blessing.  A cup of tea with a friend doesn’t take much time, and there’s nothing like “kitchen table counseling” from someone we trust to help us get back on track.

The point is not to allow the pressures of our fast-paced culture to stress us out.  This new moon encourages us to reflect on what, with Spirit’s help, we’ve been able to achieve in this past year, to feel gratitude for all the good we’ve experienced, and to let go of what was painful.  We don’t need to do more, buy more, or be more.  As we are, we’re enough–  and the feeling of confidence that comes with realizing this simple truth creates an energy field that emanates calm, compassionate acceptance of everyone and everything around us– a healing in itself!


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