My Bad!!!

  One of the most difficult things to do is to apologize for our mistakes– and in human interaction, mistakes occur on a daily basis, no matter how careful we are.  Sincere and accurate communication is difficult under the best of circumstances because most of us don’t hear what’s being said.  We hear what we want to hear.  Generally, when we speak to someone else, we automatically … Continue reading My Bad!!!

Early to bed, early to rise…?

  Now that the holidays, with all their emotional ups and downs (not to mention the obligatory January 1st hangover!) have passed, we can turn our thoughts to the next big item on the 2016 agenda:  our New Year’s resolutions, particularly in the area of personal health and well being. Maybe we’ve resolved to finally sign up for that yoga class, eat less gluten and more fresh organic veggies … Continue reading Early to bed, early to rise…?