Kairos Time



Lena Stevens, co-founder with Jose Stevens of The Power Path, reminds us that poised as we are between the new and full moons, each accompanied by an eclipse, with the Spring Equinox right around the corner, we are at a cosmic crossroads– which is the meaning of the Greek word, kairos.  

Kairos time is where the rubber hits the road.   The spiritual intersects the physical so strongly that we are at a balance point– rather like being perfectly seated on a seesaw so that your end can move neither up nor down.

Kairos time offers us choices.  We can choose to move forward with the powerful positive energy pulling us into an unknown future, we can attempt to stand still, or we can struggle backwards into familiar territory.  Moving forward we could find ourselves experiencing monumental change– being inspired,  creative, and fulfilled in ways we’ve never dreamed of.  Moving backwards could be a very bumpy ride, because we’d go through the same old ruts and bang into the same old walls we’ve complained about for so long.  Standing still is hardly an option, since this universe is always in motion.

Why am I talking about kairos time?  Simply because lately I’ve noticed that almost every person I know– friends, partners, children, colleagues, and clients– is expressing great discomfort with their current situation, whatever it may be.  So clearly, change is in the wind.

Change can be scary, true.  But the one guidepost that can help us accept and perhaps even embrace change is trust.  In this age, when we can Google practically any topic and find at least a smidgin of information to allay our fears or validate our beliefs, it’s admittedly hard to trust anyone or anything but ourselves.  However, it helps to look back and remember that we didn’t always have Google, smart phones, or computers for that matter.  We had our families and friends, and whether we shared their beliefs or not, our families boasted ancestors who had a deep trust in Spirit (by whatever name).

This is true for all of us, regardless of what we look like or where our people came from.

Our ancestors believed that there was someone or something besides themselves, guiding their lives, protecting them from life’s worst experiences, and frequently bestowing its best.  And somehow, it worked– because here we all are!

So in this age of frenetic information-gathering, global competition, political upheaval, and general distrust, it might help to reach back into the past and connect with one of those ancestors.  Let’s ask for the trust that made it possible for us to be here, alive on this planet, at this time.    Let’s help each other to release our fears and open our arms to welcome the future, so full of promise and great possibility.  And let’s never stop believing that what we ask for is what we’ll receive.