Persistence, aggression, flexibility: What works best?


When I think of these three aspects of action, certain stereotypes come to mind.

Aggression seems to have a masculine energy – war, corporate takeover, competitive sports (in a descending scale of violence).  Flexibility seems more feminine – the ability to reassess, regroup, and adjust our reactions to whatever comes along. Persistence includes both masculine and feminine qualities- what do we want to accomplish?  How best to get there?  How hard and for how long should we try to reach a goal?

January is a good time to consider what really matters to us, what we want to achieve, and how we can achieve it.  Perhaps what worked in May or October doesn’t seem to fit now. Perhaps our relationship to events and people has changed.  Perhaps the world itself demands something of us that was not evident a month or two months ago.  Whatever has happened, whatever is different, now is the time to take a good look and feel deeply into the most intuitive part of our beings to discern right action– for ourselves, for our families and communities, for the planet.

Persistence, aggression, and flexibility:  The Power Path’s founders Jose and Lena Stevens suggest that all three are necessary at this time.  Finding the balance is the trick, and their Predictions for 2017 outlines practical approaches to that challenge.

(Photo courtesy of Santa Fe Community Yoga Center)