Craft Your Own Holiday !

The holidays can be fun.  Or not!  Want a welcome change from the usual pressures of buying presents, bad-weather travel, non-stop cooking (what my daughters and I call a “cook-a-thon”), irritable visiting relatives, and the resulting exhaustion and secret resentment? This article suggests innovative ways to help you and your family uncover and celebrate the true meaning of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, and other end-of-the-year holidays. Years ago, when Lewis and I were living in the Bay … Continue reading Craft Your Own Holiday !

Surviving a Scorpio Moon

This new Scorpio Moon packs a punch! As we’re busy getting ready for Thanksgiving and other celebrations of autumn, we may be feeling more pressure than usual. What is it that’s pushing our buttons?  Health?  Relationships?  Money?  Or just the usual challenges of the holiday season? Tension around holiday travel; family expectations; a sense of not enough time; obstinate kids; problems with co-workers, supervisors, employees; even our pets can … Continue reading Surviving a Scorpio Moon

Depression — And How To Help

Communication Counts! As we move into the dark time of the year, the sun sinks lower, leaves fall from the trees, and nights grow long and cold.  It’s easy to feel depressed.  But this article is not about SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).  It’s about how to be truly present, and in that way perhaps be able to help a seriously depressed loved one. There’s a huge … Continue reading Depression — And How To Help