Thirty days hath September…

…And for some of us it can’t end too soon! We’re in the process of dealing with a number of challenges this month.  Recent changes, including eclipses of sun and moon and powerful planetary alignments, are pushing us to assimilate more volatile energies than our bodies may be accustomed to, and resistance to discomfort is high.  Gaia herself is acting out– floods, earthquakes, and “1000 year … Continue reading Thirty days hath September…

Are You An Empath?

Do you often overwhelmed by crowds or anxious about an upcoming trip?  Experience occasional bouts of anxiety– or even mild paranoia?  Frequently feel sick or exhausted for no good reason?  Do people tell you you’re “too sensitive?” If so, you may be an overly empathic person– or even an empath.  The difference between the two, according to Wendy De Rosa, leading intuitive healer, author and … Continue reading Are You An Empath?

Hay House World Summit 2018

  Hay House, founded by Louise Hay in 1984, is sharing its 5th Annual World Summit, beginning May 5.    Louise Hay herself; Neale Donald Walsch; Anita Moorjani; Sir David Hawkins, MD, PhD; Ty Bollinger;  Christiane Northrup, MD; Alberto Villodo, PhD; Joan Boryschenko, PhD; Bernie Siegal, MD; Carolyn Myss; Don Miguel Ruiz; Dr. Joseph Mercola; Jack Canfield; Nick Ortner; Jessica Ortner; Judith Orloff, MD;  and Eckhart … Continue reading Hay House World Summit 2018

Learn Energy Healing!

TODAY, you join over 40,000 other seekers from across the globe who are registered for The Energy Medicine & Healing Summit — starting at 9:00amPacific/12:00pm Eastern. You’re about to receive key insights and techniques that can heal and restore your body, balance your emotions, revitalize your spirit, and awaken your consciousness. Are you ready?! Listen in at 9:00am Pacific as one of the most popular members of our Shift Network faculty, Donna … Continue reading Learn Energy Healing!

April New Moon… and New World!

  April’s new moon enhances the powerful changes we’ve been witnessing lately– from the #MeToo movement to Parkland survivors’ #NeverAgain to the recent legal investigation of our nation’s most powerful players.  We can resist if we wish– *Nothing’s gonna change my world—  or get into the flow and become the leaders we’ve been waiting for. Enjoy this update on the April new moon by Pat … Continue reading April New Moon… and New World!

Combating Cancer in Pets

This is Trici.  She’ll be 9 years old this summer.  We’ve done our best to feed her and her brother, Pavlo, the very best natural and organic commercial pet food.  But after watching this excellent docuseries by Ty Bollinger on how to understand and naturally treat cancer in pets we’re working on transferring to a primarily raw diet (a challenge with cats, who are super … Continue reading Combating Cancer in Pets

Coming Home: Military Discounts for Returning Vets

  A mutually supportive marriage of nearly 40 years to a disabled Vietnam veteran has helped me understand the challenges that our military personnel face upon returning to their homes and families.  In view of this, and aware of the fact (based on personal experience) that it can often be difficult to find nonjudgmental, empathic, and encouraging counseling, I am offering a military discount for … Continue reading Coming Home: Military Discounts for Returning Vets