Handling Stress in Turbulent Times


As Spring  rapidly morphs into Summer and the days grow longer, we’re pushed to do more and more every day.  Suddenly the kids are out of school and we’re busy putting away the winter clothes, cleaning out the garage or the attic, planting new seeds, watering our gardens, fixing what’s broken– there’s hardly any time to breathe!  And then there’s the ever-constant Twitterstorm– one crazy tweet after another–  and the torrent of emails from politicians demanding money, and marches for science, the arts, LGBTQ rights, immigrants, etc. etc.  How can we possibly keep our balance in the midst of all these challenges?

Jan Edl Stein, MFT, a San Francisco Bay Area ecopsychologist and therapist,  was one of Orenda Healing International’s guest speakers at our recent Spring Webinar, Facing North.  Jan has kindly offered to share the following suggestions for dealing with the current challenges we are all facing.

Thoughts About Self-Care and Action in Turbulent Times


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