Summer Solstice Full Moon!



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As if things couldn’t get any wilder, on June 20 we will have an astrological event  of monumental proportions!  This happens only once in 30 years.  Where were you 30 years ago?  What was going on in your life back then?

As I remember,  I was living in Elk, a tiny village on California’s North Coast–in the midst of a healing crisis that changed my life.  But my healing is not the topic of this post.  What’s up for you, on the other hand, is.

We’ve all read about Stanford’s shocking cover-up of sexual predation on campus, and the world is collectively mourning the unconscionable targeting and massacre of over 50 people in Orlando.  No need to mention the crazy-making US political situation, or the intensification of threatening international incidents.  But you’d be stunned to learn how many people I’ve talked with in the last few days alone who are experiencing chaotic events in their own lives– the death or sudden departure of friends or family members, loss of employment, geographical relocation, frightening health crises– you name it, it’s coming down!

So apart from the fact that this proves we really aren’t alone after all, and regardless of our own upsurging issues, it indicates that something big is taking place– a series of cosmic-scale events– that must necessarily affect all of the inhabitants of this little blue planet.  Somewhere I read “The stars impel– they do not compel.”  (Small comfort for those of us whose stars are directly and immediately impacted by these powerful alignments!)  But actually, while we may not be able to choose what happens to us we can definitely choose how we deal with it.

I’ve found that it helps to try to surrender and go with the flow–kind of like body surfing, when you see that big wave coming at you, best to duck your head and dive right into it.  It can be scary at first, until you learn the ocean isn’t really out to drown you, and you can relax enough, like the young heroine of Whale Rider , to begin to enjoy not only the beauty of the world underwater but the thrill of discovering you’re far more capable,  far more powerful, than you or anyone else ever imagined.

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