Hopi Prophecies are true

Yesterday a client sent me a link to a Youtube video recording of a 1986 Indigenous Elders’ conference. The narrator speaks of ancient Hopi prophecies that now (2022) have become verifiably true. He also speaks of the many previous opportunities offered us by Spirit to cease our addictions to war, greed, racial profiling, and our complete disregard for our behavior’s effects on the planet itself – opportunities that we could have taken but didn’t. It’s not an accusatory report- just a reminder that some inhabitants of this planet – the indigenous peoples on all continents – have a much better understanding of what is needed if we are to save Mother Earth and ourselves. If you haven’t yet had a chance to hear this, you will find it very interesting.  If you do, please share.

Indigenous Elders Council (1986)

The second Youtube video features a talk by Grandfather Floyd Red Crow Westerman, posted 9 months ago.


900 year-old Wukapti Monument – Hopi Indian Ruin

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