June is bustin’ out all over!

Possible Starfriends Cover with Lens Clouds


Remember the song from “Carousel?”  Great 50s musical,  with lots of singing, dancing, romance…

However this time around June really is “bustin’ out”– and in more ways than one!  If you’ve been feeling particularly weird lately, bizarre physical manifestations, moments of deep despair, inexplicable little spurts of anger, high (and possibly unreasonable) expectations and over-the-top disappointment when they aren’t met– guess what:  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Gaia is amping up her energy– she’s going to ascend, with us or without us.  And those who are feeling this surge most strongly are those who have at some point agreed to go with her.  But here’s the trick:  we have to let go of the baggage of fear, anger, self-hatred, envy, or any other dark emotion.  According to Sherry Wilde, a rather interesting author, in Gaia’s new dimension we will be able to manifest instantly.  Imagine what could happen with all that power!   We want the good stuff, not the scary stuff, right?  So now is the perfect time to review all our feelings.  Let our bodies speak to us about our true feelings.  Let our challenging relationships show us where things aren’t working quite right.

So you feel nauseous when your boss loads you with extra work (and no extra pay)?  You get hot flashes when your partner takes some nice thing you’ve done for granted or overreacts to something you’ve said?  You feel like a cruel parent when you have to discipline your kids’ bad behavior?  Or you wake up in the morning and wonder what the heck you’re still doing here and why hasn’t anything worked out the way you wanted and what’s the point of going on anyway?

Welcome to the Club!  Don’t despair!  Count yourself lucky– you are probably one of those who volunteered eons ago (in a galaxy far far away!) to raise your own vibration so that Gaia can take as many of her children with her as possible.

But how does this happen?  It’s not about knocking on people’s doors early in the morning to tell them about the wonderful opportunity that awaits them– if only.  It’s not about becoming an activist and opposing evil.  It’s not even about becoming a teacher or a healer and “fixing” what’s broken.  We can’t really do any of that.  What we can do is clean up our own act.  And this works, because according to Gary Zukav‘s explanation of Quantum Physics, everything is energy, and all energy affects all other energy.  So the best way to help ourselves, our fellow Terrans, and our planet, is to cultivate the positive energies:  trust, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and love.  And don’t forget laughter!  Laughter is possibly one of the most healing things we can do for ourselves and others.  (Besides, it’s kind of humorous, don’t you think?  That a whole planet full of Star Beings has been duped into thinking we’re stuck here in this dark lonely little place, all by ourselves, with no help from anything or anyone– especially when we’re surrounded by helpers day and night.)

Just to remind you, though, that you are not really flapping around in space (or cyberspace) all by yourself, here’s a good read on the astrology of these “interesting times” by Pat Liles .  Enjoy, take a deep breath, hug your loved ones, and laugh.)

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