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Every morning I sit down to review emails – there are usually at least 100 of them, ranging from political ads to friending requests on Facebook. Today it’s all about COVID-19.

I’ll start with this update from Jose and Lena Stevens’ Power Path:

Dear Friends,

We have been tracking this global event, tuning in, following updates, and giving it plenty of thought. At this time we personally have not cancelled any events or travel.

The best thing all of us can do right now is to be flexible, discerning, focus on self care and stay out of fear and anxiety. Energetically, viruses and parasites feed on fear which is a lower vibration. Humor, beauty, trust, love and joy are all of a higher vibration and a better place to be right now. Be smart, pay attention, and follow your intuition.

Always taking the position of “we create our own reality”, we have to trust that this virus has its purpose and its medicine. We will probably not see the positive results of whatever change it brings until some time in the future. It is definitely getting our attention and making us focus on beefing up our immune systems and our general health which is a good thing. And the better practices being adopted in public areas will also help reduce the spread of all flus and other diseases. It is also bringing to our attention in very physical way that we are indeed a global society and all connected if we did not realize this before. This virus affects the lungs. This is a good time to clear and support the lungs, not only physically but emotionally and energetically as well. This virus has everyone’s instinctive centers (First chakra) blasted open. When the instinctive center is opened up, all the material carried in the first chakra related to physical vitality, fear, survival, past life karma, grief, loss and suffering becomes available for clearing. 

In support of this, we are adding a special remote shamanic healing on Wednesday, March 18th at 7PM MDT with Lena to work on instinctive center clearing as well as clearing the lungs and the energetic congestion and ancestral patterns of grief they may be carrying. (Link here) (note: the next remote after this special one is Tuesday March 31, 7PM MDT also with Lena)

Here are some practices and suggestions we have come up with for proactively dealing with the situation. All of this should just make good sense.

Postpone non-essential visits to doctors and dentists, hospitals, emergency rooms, retirement and rest homes, and other public health institutions.
Avoid really congested events with huge crowds of people.
Postpone non-essential travel.
Carry wipes and hand sanitizer. Use on surfaces others have touched and on yourself after visits to public places such as markets, the banks, schools etc.
Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands.
Refrain from picking your nose, scratching your eyes, touching your ears and mouth.
Wear a mask if you are sick.
Better yet, stay home if you are sick.

If you know for sure you have been exposed, quarantine yourself for 14 days. Load up on good books, work remotely.

Increase your intake of minerals, vitamin C, any immune booster, anything that supports the lungs such as a pre-made lung tonic,  or herbs such as nettles, horehound, echinacea, osha root.
Decrease your intake of alcohol, sugar, processed foods.
Get out into the sun as much as possible with full exposure. Viruses hate the sun.
Take a brisk walk in clean air daily, breathe deeply to clear the lungs and support circulation
Get good exercise and plenty of rest
Do a detox (epsom salt bath, ionic foot bath).
Drink plenty of good water.
Reduce your stress however you can. Stay out of fear and panic. Think, contemplate, use your intuition.

If you are traveling, here are some tips.Travel tips:Carry a small triple antibiotic cream and smear a little in each nostril.
Carry hand sanitizer and wipes. Wipe down tray tables, seat belt clips and any other surface you come into contact with on the plane.
If using the restrooms in airports or the plane wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands. 
Bring your own food/water.
Wipe down anything that has been touched by others, rental car steering wheel etc, luggage handle.
A little spray bottle of lavender is always good idea. Upon returning home, wash any clothing that has come into contact with potential infection immediately.Obviously if you are sick, stay home.

Blessings to all of you.
Holding our global community in prayer. 

The Power Path

Now, rather than repeat what’s been written and said, I’m including links to several interesting sites.

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And finally, may I remind us all to Think Well to Be Well – courtesy of Wuf Shanti’s Adam and Marni Avin.

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