Hay House World Summit 2018



Hay House, founded by Louise Hay in 1984, is sharing its 5th Annual World Summit, beginning May 5.   

Louise Hay herself; Neale Donald Walsch; Anita Moorjani; Sir David Hawkins, MD, PhD; Ty Bollinger;  Christiane Northrup, MD; Alberto Villodo, PhD; Joan Boryschenko, PhD; Bernie Siegal, MD; Carolyn Myss; Don Miguel Ruiz; Dr. Joseph Mercola; Jack Canfield; Nick Ortner; Jessica Ortner; Judith Orloff, MD;  and Eckhart Tolle are among the many  well-known teachers, healers, and spiritual leaders sharing 1-hour audio interviews  over the next 12 days.  Each of the 4 series also offers 4 excellent videos you can view during that particular series.  Check out the following links for free access to the wisdom of an international community of spiritual teachers and healers!

Hay House World Summit – Series 1 (Begins May 5)

Hay House World Summit – Series 2 (Begins May 8)

Hay House World Summit – Series 3 (Begins May 11)

Hay House World Summit – Series 4 (Begins May 16)

You may also purchase this package for unlimited access to the gathered wisdom of Hay House World Summit’s guest presenters.

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