Thirty days hath September…


…And for some of us it can’t end too soon!

We’re in the process of dealing with a number of challenges this month.  Recent changes, including eclipses of sun and moon and powerful planetary alignments, are pushing us to assimilate more volatile energies than our bodies may be accustomed to, and resistance to discomfort is high.  Gaia herself is acting out– floods, earthquakes, and “1000 year storms” are only part of her protest.  Hot, dry areas have turned cool and wet, while cooler, wetter areas have experienced unprecedented heat and drought.  Even the most mundane aspects of our lives seem to have gone topsy-turvy!  Miscommunication, broken appliances, dead car batteries, tummy flu, etc. … it seems there’s no end to unpleasant surprises.  And as for the sociopolitical scene…well, let’s just say buckle your seatbelts!

However, take heart!  There’s light at the end of this tunnel — and there’s help on all sides.

The Power Path’s September Forecast  addresses several areas:  personal health and well being, relationships, environment, and partnerships (including business partnerships).  While I’m sharing it later than usual, it explains some of the confusion of the past couple of weeks and holds forth hope for a more balanced and peaceful time as we move into October– the loveliest time of the year here in Santa Fe.

So take a deep breath, do your best to relax, be kind to yourself and others, and remember:  thirty days hath September, and this is Day 19.


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