I realized this morning that I’m having a much harder time adjusting to the Spring Forward time change than ever before. And then it occurred to me that it’s not the time change… it’s EVERYTHING! People in this country today, from infants to elders, have never experienced an event so far-reaching and life-changing as what the World Health Organization now calls a “pandemic.” Regardless of what they choose to call it or how they choose to categorize it (including time-worn or currently popular conspiracy theories) it just adds fuel to the fire of worry and uncertainty burning inside us on a daily basis.

So how shall we weather this particular storm?

The same way we have weathered the past storms in our lives. We’ve survived childbirth, marriage, divorce, unruly kids, tummy flu, schoolyard bullies, single parenthood, military deployment, toxic work environments, crazy politicians, marital infidelity, old age, etc. etc. etc. If we have any experience at all, it’s experience in steering our little ships of state through choppy waters, and this is not really that different.

Here is some excellent, practical advice on how to deal with the stress created by COVID-19 in an already stressful environment.

10 practical tips to ease your fears about coronavirus

Ken Yeager, PhD, Maryanna Klatt, PhD March 05, 2020Health and Wellness,   Mental and Behavioral Health ,   Neurological Institute

And if it still feels overwhelming, remember to watch your furry family members. They know how to weather any storm!

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