To share…or not to share?

I’ll be showing you some photos, taken in Santa Fe, NM, on Old Pecos Trail, January 8, 2020. They may or may not upset you. You are invited to share your views in the space designed for comments below. Please DO NOT post racist, violent, obscene, or insulting comments. They will be marked as spam and trashed. There is enough war in the world and we don’t need one here. The object of this exercise is twofold: first, in the spirit of Wholebeing Wellness, to help bring our unacknowledged wounds and/or biases to the surface of consciousness for healing, and second, to initiate a productive and hopefully positive dialogue. The question I’m asking is simply this: is it better to know what’s going on in our world and perhaps address it, or to hide from this knowledge in hopes that “it won’t happen here?” In a fast-shrinking world, NIMBY is not a choice– it’s a disease.

Granted, in Santa Fe, this sort of activism is somewhat unusual– not because of the content of the imagery but because of how and where it is displayed– in a private neighborhood rather than a public place. Indeed one mother, walking by with her two children, confronted me yesterday as I was taking the photos and demanded to know what I thought about them. When I told her I felt that the display was timely and appropriate she became upset and insisted that it was “disturbing to young families” to see this sort of thing where they walked every day. I reminded her that she had children the same age as those depicted here, implying that a little compassion might be in order. But she wasn’t having any of that, so I just ended the conversation and went on with the photo shoot.

About the images: They were created by a Navajo artist who calls himself Remy– taken from actual photographs, enlarged, and attached to the wall with wheat paste. The wall on which they are mounted belongs to Guthrie Miller, a retired Los Alamos Laboratory scientist who had an epiphany and decided to “out” the violence to which he believes our military industrial complex contributes. He is a brave man– one who, despite the strong opposition of many of his neighbors, continues to allow the nonprofit Santa Feans for Justice in Palestine to post images on his wall. As you can see, some objecting viewers have already begun to tear the images off the wall.

Young Palestinian boy throwing rocks at an Israeli tank
Twelve-year-old Palestinian boy assassinated by Israeli troops
Israeli solder aiming at boy protecting his younger brother
Palestinian children behind a wall
Palestinian woman defending children from Israeli soldier threatening to shoot them

And finally, an image posted earlier by a different artist.

Feel free to comment– but remember, please be kind.

Thirty days hath September…


…And for some of us it can’t end too soon!

We’re in the process of dealing with a number of challenges this month.  Recent changes, including eclipses of sun and moon and powerful planetary alignments, are pushing us to assimilate more volatile energies than our bodies may be accustomed to, and resistance to discomfort is high.  Gaia herself is acting out– floods, earthquakes, and “1000 year storms” are only part of her protest.  Hot, dry areas have turned cool and wet, while cooler, wetter areas have experienced unprecedented heat and drought.  Even the most mundane aspects of our lives seem to have gone topsy-turvy!  Miscommunication, broken appliances, dead car batteries, tummy flu, etc. … it seems there’s no end to unpleasant surprises.  And as for the sociopolitical scene…well, let’s just say buckle your seatbelts!

However, take heart!  There’s light at the end of this tunnel — and there’s help on all sides.

The Power Path’s September Forecast  addresses several areas:  personal health and well being, relationships, environment, and partnerships (including business partnerships).  While I’m sharing it later than usual, it explains some of the confusion of the past couple of weeks and holds forth hope for a more balanced and peaceful time as we move into October– the loveliest time of the year here in Santa Fe.

So take a deep breath, do your best to relax, be kind to yourself and others, and remember:  thirty days hath September, and this is Day 19.


Are You An Empath?

stock-photo-young-beautiful-sad-and-desperate-hispanic-woman-suffering-depression-looking-thoughtful-and-522885751 (1)

Do you often overwhelmed by crowds or anxious about an upcoming trip?  Experience occasional bouts of anxiety– or even mild paranoia?  Frequently feel sick or exhausted for no good reason?  Do people tell you you’re “too sensitive?”

If so, you may be an overly empathic person– or even an empath.  The difference between the two, according to Wendy De Rosa, leading intuitive healer, author and teacher, is that an overly empathic person may feel helplessly overwhelmed by everyone else’s feelings, while an empath knows what to do about it.

So, what will fill the space if, as an overly empathic person, you stop taking on other people’s energy?  Your own energy and radiant divine light, says Wendy De Rosa, leading intuitive healer, author and teacher.  This occurs in part, because your soul, forced higher up in your body due to early conditioning in your lower chakras, can finally return to its rightful place within your energetic anatomy…

June 26, 2018: The Shift Network:  12 noon Pacific time  Watch the Encore of
3 Steps to Clearing Other People’s Energy & Setting Healthy Boundaries

In the brief video clip below, Wendy shares about the “detox” of energies that aren’t yours from your system — grounding you in your full, empowered Self and allowing you to radiate presence.

Watch this 1-minute video, here: Clearing Your Energy Body to Radiate Presence and Divine Light with Wendy De Rosa

This clip is a just a small taste of the event with Wendy last week. Don’t forget you can see the full encore at Noon Pacific tomorrowJune 26.

P.S In the meantime, you can be guided by Wendy much deeper into your energy system and in clearing early conditioning, de-cording and accessing your true power, here: Energy Training for Empaths.


Photo courtesy of Shutterstock



Hay House World Summit 2018



Hay House, founded by Louise Hay in 1984, is sharing its 5th Annual World Summit, beginning May 5.   

Louise Hay herself; Neale Donald Walsch; Anita Moorjani; Sir David Hawkins, MD, PhD; Ty Bollinger;  Christiane Northrup, MD; Alberto Villodo, PhD; Joan Boryschenko, PhD; Bernie Siegal, MD; Carolyn Myss; Don Miguel Ruiz; Dr. Joseph Mercola; Jack Canfield; Nick Ortner; Jessica Ortner; Judith Orloff, MD;  and Eckhart Tolle are among the many  well-known teachers, healers, and spiritual leaders sharing 1-hour audio interviews  over the next 12 days.  Each of the 4 series also offers 4 excellent videos you can view during that particular series.  Check out the following links for free access to the wisdom of an international community of spiritual teachers and healers!

Hay House World Summit – Series 1 (Begins May 5)

Hay House World Summit – Series 2 (Begins May 8)

Hay House World Summit – Series 3 (Begins May 11)

Hay House World Summit – Series 4 (Begins May 16)

You may also purchase this package for unlimited access to the gathered wisdom of Hay House World Summit’s guest presenters.

Learn Energy Healing!

TODAY, you join over 40,000 other seekers from across the globe who are registered for The Energy Medicine & Healing Summit — starting at 9:00amPacific/12:00pm Eastern.

You’re about to receive key insights and techniques that can heal and restore your body, balance your emotions, revitalize your spirit, and awaken your consciousness.

Are you ready?!

Listen in at 9:00am Pacific as one of the most popular members of our Shift Network faculty, Donna Eden, uncovers her way of sensing subtle energies — and provides simple exercises to get the energies of your body aligned and humming. (And when you listen in you’ll learn a fun fact about the relationship between Donna and summit host Dondi Dahlin!)

The Energy Medicine & Healing Summit — Day 1
TODAY, April 23 at 9:00am Pacific
with Donna Eden, Anodea Judith, Nonty Charity Sabic & more!

To follow Donna’s inspiring session, here’s what else we have planned for you today…

  • Rollin McCraty explores how deep listening to your heart’s feelings can create the energetic link to your intuitive wisdom and guidance from your true self — your higher potential.
  • Then Anodea Judith highlights the vital role that the energy body plays in overall health and character — and how imbalances can lead to anxiety or depression.
  • Next up, Rhys Thomas explains that, while chakras are the precursors to the body’s health, there’s still a missing piece in energy medicine… an even higher level of the energy field that the chakras serve.
  • Nonty Charity Sabic provides profound and far-reaching information about the ancient ways of healing — working with the elements of nature through time and space. (This is SO up my alley!)
  • Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona reviews some energy medicine modalities… including hands-on healing, the use of instruments (such as feathers, fans, and rattles), and the use of sacred bundles.
  • And, wrapping up our first day of The Energy Medicine & Healing SummitJennifer McLean guides you in listening and honoring those parts of you that have forgotten your light and power… and shows how to activate that wisdom.

Today’s lineup is going to get you in touch with your own energy and intuition, and help you find your way toward your true self, your highest purpose, and your empowered capacity to make conscious choices!

Click here to see the full 5-day schedule, session descriptions, & speaker bios

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All sessions are in Pacific Time. A timezone converter is also included for your convenience.

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“It is only by embracing the full spectrum of human consciousness that we can bring about a true awakening of the heart.”
— Anodea Judith

Need I say more?

Enjoy today’s kickoff!

2016HeadshotAlisonMarks.jpg With love,

Alison Marks

Director of Summits
The Shift Network

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April New Moon… and New World!



April’s new moon enhances the powerful changes we’ve been witnessing lately– from the #MeToo movement to Parkland survivors’ #NeverAgain to the recent legal investigation of our nation’s most powerful players.  We can resist if we wish– *Nothing’s gonna change my world—  or get into the flow and become the leaders we’ve been waiting for.

Enjoy this update on the April new moon by Pat Liles for The Power Path, and feel your own mojo!



*Quote from the Beatles’ song “Across the Universe.”

Combating Cancer in Pets

April 2015081

This is Trici.  She’ll be 9 years old this summer.  We’ve done our best to feed her and her brother, Pavlo, the very best natural and organic commercial pet food.  But after watching this excellent docuseries by Ty Bollinger on how to understand and naturally treat cancer in pets we’re working on transferring to a primarily raw diet (a challenge with cats, who are super particular– but I’m stubborn, so…!)

This is definitely a docuseries any pet owner needs to see.  And please know that even if you can’t watch a particular episode when it airs, you can still catch up any time for the next 24 hours, and you can also purchase the entire series for yourself.   Tune in and enjoy!

The Truth About Cancer

Coming Home: Military Discounts for Returning Vets

Returning from deployment


A mutually supportive marriage of nearly 40 years to a disabled Vietnam veteran has helped me understand the challenges that our military personnel face upon returning to their homes and families.  In view of this, and aware of the fact (based on personal experience) that it can often be difficult to find nonjudgmental, empathic, and encouraging counseling, I am offering a military discount for returning veterans and their family members.

Please contact me if you or someone you know feels they might benefit from this service.


Photo credit:  New York Army National Guard Soldiers with the 1156th Engineer Company are reunited with their friends and families as they return from a nine-month deployment to Kuwait and Iraq at Stewart Airport, New Windsor, N.Y., Aug. 31, 2017. (U.S. Army National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Michael Davis)

Interesting Times!



As if the dog and pony show in Washington weren’t enough, we have a new moon and partial solar eclipse tomorrow.  Also Mardi Gras (Shrove Tuesday) yesterday, Ash Wednesday (the beginning of Lent for Catholics) today, and Chinese New Year (Year of the Dog) tomorrow and Friday.

Wow!  There’s a lot going on in our little corner of the Universe!  It’s enough to make our heads spin.  Yes, these are definitely “interesting times.”  And those of us who are sensitive will feel the energy even more powerfully.

Without a whole lot of commentary on my part, let me point you to The Power Path and  Patricia Liles’ update on the new moon  and partial solar eclipse.  Then, you might like to check out a fascinating article on Harvard Medical School’s recent research on… wait for it… Reiki!

Each of these articles adds perspective and suggests possible ways of dealing with all the changes happening around us.





TCS:  Total Control Syndrome.

This is what I call the tendency to try to make things happen.  A new job, a more solid interpersonal relationship, improved health, better weather– it doesn’t matter what it is.  What does matter is that for each of us, perfect timing is unique, just as we are unique.  No two snowflakes are alike, and no two humans.  what works for one may not work for another, and whatever is meant to work will do so in its own time.

Western culture has indoctrinated all of us who have grown up here in this country and in other countries that are governed by the business model of competition, power, and control.  When we were very small, we probably didn’t feel this push.  But when we began to join our society, to become young adults, the message was very clear.  You’re either a winner or you’re nothing– and it doesn’t matter what field you’re considering.  Medicine, law, marriage, homemaking, child-rearing, business, academia– all the same.  Win big or lose everything.

Fortunately, none of this is true.  Who we really are is perfect, and there’s no need to struggle and push.  All we need to do is set a clear intention for what we hope to experience and allow it to happen in its own time.

Lena and Jose Stevens’ Power Path Monthly Forecast for February lays out sound suggestions for navigating this month and dealing with any push from the past we may still be feeling.